Athlete Spotlight: Jade Gosney

Athlete Spotlight: Jade Gosney
Stillwater High School Girls Golf team holding the 2024 state championship trophy. Team players from left to right: Lucy Darr, Nikki Pitts, Jade Gosney, Maggie Ruby, and Amy Reavis

Jade Gosney played on Stillwater’s first 6A girls state golf championship team. Jade recently graduated from Stillwater High School, playing both golf and volleyball. She accepted an athletic scholarship to play volleyball at Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville this Fall.

What got you first interested in golf?
My Dad was the one who encouraged me to practice and play golf. Once I started to pick up on it I loved it. I live really close to a golf course as well so that was pretty convenient. 

What is your favorite course to play on?
Out of all the courses I have played on, nothing compares to Stillwater Country Club. The golf course is always in pristine condition and the holes are super fun to play. 

What’s going through your mind right before your drive off the green?
I like to remind myself to stay calm and that this shot doesn’t determine how the whole day will go or who I am. I reassure myself today is going to be a great day and that God will be with me through it all. 

What is the most common quote or phrase you hear from your coach?
Coach Knott was very encouraging through the season and would always remind us to “keep going you got this.”

What do you think was the biggest hurdle the team faced this season, and how did you overcome it?
One of our biggest struggles was at the beginning when our one bag faced a back injury. We had to play the first tournament without her but we ended up winning the tournament.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Stillwater?
Thai Loco is super underrated and I absolutely love their Poke bowls.

What advice would you give to other young athletes, especially girls, who are thinking about taking up golf?
I say go for it! I love playing golf and it has taught me so many lessons and has taught me great advice to use in my everyday life. Golf is not the easiest sport so it has taught me the importance of having a positive mindset no matter what.

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