About us

About us
Our first paper.


Stillwater Lokal Life is an independent, locally-owned, newspaper for Stillwater, Oklahoma.

We wanted to read more about the important goings on, social happenings, food recommendations, human interest stories, local history, community features, and sports (of course) in one place. So we figured we'd try to do it ourselves.


Stillwater has a longstanding newspaper, a publication we regularly read. Yet we believe there's room for something fresh and more reflective of our community's interests and character.

Our hope is that after reading it you'll feel a little more connected to Stillwater and have something positive and interesting to share with family and friends.


The Stillwater, OK metro area.


My name is Nate Cheever (nice to meet you!). I live in Stillwater, OK.

But why a newspaper?

A printed page offers an opportunity to slow down and hold in your hands an artifact of calm, considered community connection and thought. Plus, we believe there's just something special about seeing community stories in print that cannot be replicated by a screen.


Our first edition was published Friday April 26, 2024. While we're a 1-2 person team we will print monthly, with the goal of getting to a weekly cadence once we can support it.

Please subscribe for updates and we'll let you know when we're ready to print.