Sara Brown is Reviving Wonder in Stillwater

Sara Brown is Reviving Wonder in Stillwater
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"What can I do for Stillwater? Where are my skills needed?"

This is what's on Sara Brown's mind. Sara, a mother and former OSU student who moved back to Stillwater five years ago, is one of the women and men working hard every day to create opportunities for kids to learn through play.

Sara feels Stillwater needs a children's museum to fill the play gap left by Wondertorium's closing at the end of 2020. So, she started the StillWonder non-profit organization to create a new place for kids, their families and their caretakers to come and learn by playing.

While the term 'museum' may evoke images of quiet halls and exhibits behind glass cases--something rambunctious toddlers may not enjoy-- StillWonder will be a different experience. "You're in the glass! You're part of the exhibit," Sara explains. At StillWonder, children and adults can immerse themselves in various roles, from firefighters to scientists to baristas. This interactive approach to learning is what sets StillWonder apart. "You just feel like you're watching magic," Sara adds.

As Sara continues searching for a suitable location (somewhere with open floor space, air conditioning, and a restroom, preferably near downtown), she and her board are not sitting idle. They are hosting Popups in partnership with various locations every fourth Saturday of the month from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. These Popups offer a taste of what StillWonder has to offer, even before its permanent home is established.

Their next event is "May Learn through Play Popup" on Saturday, May 25, at The Botanic Gardens in the Horticulture Education Center. 

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