Skyline Elementary Hosts “Stately” Event

Skyline Elementary Hosts “Stately” Event

May 2nd was a fun evening for the 4th-grade students of Skyline Elementary. Their families were invited to attend and learn facts about each state. Students prepared a poster board that incorporated a picture of their state’s flag, a drawing of an important or famous person from their state, and an illustration of their state flower. Costumes and refreshments relevant to their state history were encouraged and embraced!

Skylar Agurrie presented the state of Washington and wore a NASA shirt to represent the distinguished Washington-born and raised astronaut Richard F. Gordon Jr. She concluded her presentation by offering each visitor some delicious, warm apple pie!

I also visited Pennsylvania and met Elijah Alexander, who embodied the famous chocolatier and philanthropist Milton Hershey. His clever costume included a mustache, suspenders, a tie, and a pocket watch.

Katherine Yuen’s watermelon ice was a big hit as parents and students visited Virginia. Dressed as the founding father and first president, George Washington, Katherine even shined her shoe buckles for this special occasion. 

Everyone did a thorough, wonderful job— the night was “stately” indeed!

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