Razook's Drug Closes Doors After 50+ Years

Razook's Drug Closes Doors After 50+ Years

Razook's Drug at 1518 W 9th Ave announced today that it is permanently closed as of the end of business yesterday, April 3, 2024. 

Notice posted on Razook's front door, April 4, 2024

According to the statement on their Facebook page, all business accounts are being closed, and pharmacy records are being transferred to the Walgreens pharmacy at 519 S Main St.

"Serving the Stillwater community has been a great joy and blessing to us. We've provided friendly, knowledgeable service to residents and students since we opened our doors in 1973. And, through the years, our patients and partners have become like a family to our team," Razook's affirmed today on their Facebook page.

While the prescriptions can be transferred to a new pharmacy, the relationships cannot. Several former patients express sadness and shock.

One commenter on the page, Ashley Peck, said:

"This is a little frustrating. Seems like more notice could have been given to allow customers choose their own pharmacy."

"This makes me so sad to hear! Thank you for all of the amazing customer service we received here! I loved coming inside and looking through all the Melissa + Doug toys, books and gifts! And also loved working with Courtney Payne Redding," said Amanda Roberts in her comment.

Given the comments, Walgreens doesn't seem like it will keep these inherited customers for long. Several expressed their intention to transfer to another local pharmacy. 

Chris, another involuntary former patient I spoke with outside of Razook's today while he was there to pay a bill for his mother's medications, told me, "It just seems so sudden. I was here yesterday for a drug test, and they didn't say anything about it."

When I asked him if he plans on staying at Walgreens, he replied, "No, I'll probably transfer to CVS. They'll take the time to meet with you there. Lisa, here at Razook's, always used to do that."  

Razook's cites recent changes in the industry among the reasons for the abrupt closure:

"Insurance and Medicare reimbursements for prescriptions are at all-time lows and are often not provided to independent pharmacies until months after the service was rendered. These hardships have had a direct impact on our ability to serve the Stillwater community. And, following much prayer and deliberation, we closed our pharmacy business on April 3, 2024."

General patients' prescriptions will be available through Walgreens as of today, April 4. For hospice or long-term care prescriptions, Chad Bayer at Central Drug, 1220 W 12th Ave, is the place to go.

Members are encouraged to contact Walgreens and Central Drug, respectively, for filling their prescriptions or billing questions.

So long, Razook's. You will be missed. 

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